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"Fundamentalist Christianity"


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Babinski, Edward T. (Editor) (1995)

former fundamentalist Christian, now agnostic, Leaving the Fold. Testimonies of Former Fundamentalists Amherst (NY), Prometheus Books (462 S., ca. DM 77,00*) Nearly three dozen first-hand testimonies and a detailed discussion of fundamentalism's past.

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Barker, Dan (1992)

Former Fundamentalist Preacher, now PR-Director of the Freedom From Religion Foundation
Losing Faith in Faith. From Preacher to Atheist
Madison (WI), Freedom From Religion Foundation (392 S., DM ca. 45,00*)
"The book records Dan Barker's dramatic journey from devout soulwinner to one of Amerca's most prominent freethinkers. After nineteen years of preaching following his "calling" at age fifteen - including work as a missionary, ordained minister, associate pastor, touring evangelist, Christian songwriter and performer - Dan Barker "Lost faith in faith". He offers a definitve, compelling analysis of why he rejects belief in a god and the claims of religion. He explores the fallacies, inconsistencies, and harm of Christian doctrine and theistic dogma. In its place, he issues an appelaing and compassionate invocation of freethought, reason and humanism. The book is both a challenge to believers and an arsenal for skeptics."
Title appears to be out of print (May 2000. amazon.de) but:

The following chapters from "Losing Faith in Faith" are available online at

From Part 1 (Losing Faith)
1. Ripples: From Faith to Reason
2. Just Lost Faith in Faith
From Part 2 (Finding Freethought)
17. Refuting God
18. What Is A Freethinker?
19. Dear Theologian
From Part 3 (Re-Examining the "Good Book")
23. Bible Contradictions
24. Leave No Stone Unturned
From Part 4 (Critiquing Christianity)
35. Mere Assertions (A Reply to C.S. Lewis' "Mere Christianity")


Randi, James (1989)

Magician, skeptic, investigator of claims of alleged paranormal abilities The Faith Healers. New, Updated Edition. Foreword by Carl Sagan Buffalo (NY), Prometheus Books (318 S, DM 43,00*)
"The Faith-Healers" lays bare the practices of leading televangelists - among them Peter Popoff, W.V. Grant, Pat Robertson, and Oral Roberts
A story of deception and greed on the part of many "healers" and evidence of the gullibility and misplaced faith of their victims. Astonishingly clever tricks used by some of the subjects of this book are revealed for the first time, supported by strong evidence gathered by Randi and a team of colleagues over four years of careful investigation.

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Winell, Marlene, Ph.D. (1993)

Former Fundamentalist Christian, Psychologist
Leaving the Fold. A Guide for Former Fundamentalists and Others Leaving Their Religion
Oakland (CA), New Harbinger Publications, Inc. (297 S., DM 30,00*)

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