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"(Fundamentalist) Christianity" and "Faith Healing"


Letzes Update: 3.11.2000
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Ex-tian Website

Stories of deconversions from "born-again" Christianity. Ex-tian Mailing List. Resources for Ex-Christians




Former Members of the International Churches of Christ (ICC) (ICOC), "Boston Movement", "Crossroads Movement"



Rick Ross (USA)

Exit Counsellor;
Lots of material on the teachings and practices of individual "Bible-based" groups like Calvary Chapel, Boston Church of Christ, Benny Hinn, Jews fo Jesus, Pentecostals, Teen Challenge, Twelve Tribes, Youth with a Mission, etc.



Dan Barker "Losing Faith in Faith - From Preacher to Atheist" -

Table of contents and several chapters online!



Steven Alan Hassan M.Ed., LMHC, NCC (USA)

Ex-Moonie, Psychologist and Exit Counsellor
Material on many groups, including christian fundamentalist ones like Brethren, Concerned Christians, Opus Dei, The Twelve Tribes, Witness Lee, etc.



"I am an Atheist because God told me He didn't exist"

Rev. Jim Huber's website with personal story, some witty satirical parables, and a tract with "Questions for Bible Thumpers"



"The Landover Baptist Church"

Attention! This is satire! But in some ways so close to the reality in some fundamentalist christian churches that you get to wonder...